Live Life Love - Way to Live

Have fun in your life :)

Doing Applied Psychology Degree at Durham University and sharing a house with Emily Nichol :) gonna be a funny next couple of years

Not sure what I'm doing after

Can't wait to go back to Vegas when I'm 21, taking Emily with me :) YAY

Some of these pictures and gifs are mine but some are not and i forget whose they are so sorry if i don't mention where its from.

luv True Blood, Family Guy, The Mentalist, Dexter, Lie to Me, American Dad etc

some of my fav films are Due Date, Tropic Thunder, Both Hangovers, Hannibal Lector Series, Fright Night (2011), All Pirates, Luv most of the Disney Films especially Alice in Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast etc

mostly prefer comedys, thrillers, action films but do enjoy a good period drama and chick flicks :)

Recently began to enjoy reading and have read the dexter books, true blood series, the grave series, the Millennium Triology and can't wait to see the films, da vinci code etc and of course Alice in Wonderland and Phantom of the Opera